by Russell Cederberg

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This is a collection of 4 new songs and 12 remixed songs from the last 2 projects.


released January 8, 2015

Russell Cederberg; all guitars, vocals and percussion
Ted Swenson; bass
Dave Sanders; drums and percussion
Paul Bergmann; bass
Jennifer Schilling; vocals
Sylvia Hartmann; vocals
Owen Martin; keyboards
All songs written and arranged by Russell Cederberg
Photography by Russell Cederberg


all rights reserved



Russell Cederberg Atlantic Beach, Florida

Russell has been involved in music since he sang his first solo in church at age 5. Russell has been writing songs since the late 60’s and has recorded 5 albums of original music. Russell has played a wide variety of music over the years including bluegrass, rock, folk, classical, jazz and gospel. ... more

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Track Name: Perfect Place to Fly
How big it is the emerald sky
There’s room up there to spread my wings
How big it is, a grand expanse
The perfect place for me to fly
The perfect place to fly

How wild it is, the torrid heights
With currents, fierce, like ocean waves
How wild it is, mysterious
The place to try audacious flights
The perfect place to fly

And as I fly in worship
Into the air above
I fly on wings of heaven
Into the skies of love
I’m soaring in the spirit to find a higher place
My hands are stretched above me
I’m reaching out for grace

How close it is, the deeper place
Where I can fly on breezes sweet
How close it is, within my reach
The place where I can see your face
The perfect place to fly

How deep it is, the sky of love
Where I must fly to find my heart
How deep it is, beyond the stars
I go to worship God above
The perfect place
The perfect place to fly
Track Name: You Are
I have a reason to lie down
Lie down and humble myself at your feet
You fill me up as I draw near
Outside of you I am so incomplete

You are my God, my King
You are my everything
You are my hope, my dreams
You are…

I have a reason to give in
Allow your Spirit to regain control
When I relinquish all my pride
You can direct my life and heal my soul

I give you everything I am
And all I hope to be is in your care
My life surrendered at your feet
Give me the strength to leave it lying there
Track Name: Setting Me Apart
Your grace, like a river, it is washing over me
Your arms all around me, is a place I love to be
Your love, like a fountain, always filling up my soul
The glory of your presence will impart
A holiness that is setting me apart

Your Spirit, like water, is refreshing to my soul
You are the redeemer, making broken places whole
Your fragrance around me takes me right to Heaven’s door
The glory of your presence will impart
A holiness that is setting me apart
Track Name: Spirit Wind
Spirit wind blow my way
Quiet all the storms from yesterday
Stir the leaves, fill my sail
Holy Spirit you will never fail

Forest Floor, such a place for bended knee
You are here, quiet voice inside of me
Eagle’s cry, simple songs that celebrate
Spirit wind, carry me to heaven’s gate

Spirit wind, gentle breeze
I can feel you here upon my knees
Stir the leaves, fill my sail
Holy Spirit you will never fail

Scattered leaves, broken branches, twisted vines
Prune away all the darkness that entwines
Spirit wind, blow the clouds and bring the rain
Wash away every sorrow every pain

Spirit Wind cover me
Fill me with your immortality
Stir the leaves, fill my sail
Holy Spirit you will never fail

Spirit Wind touch my heart
I am waiting for you to impart
Stir the leaves, fill my sail
Holy Spirit you will never fail
Track Name: Teach Me to Worship You
Tear down those walls, mountains of pride
Teach me to worship you
Worship from deep, deeper inside
Teach me to worship you

Open my eyes, I need to see
Teach me to worship you
Lord, show your face, show it to me
Teach me to worship you

Jesus, Savior
Master, Redeemer
Holy, so holy
Jesus I yield to you

I need to hear only your voice
Teach me to worship you
In you each day I will rejoice
Teach me to worship you
From this day forth, even in strife
Jesus I’ll worship you
You are my love. You are my life
Jesus I’ll worship you
Track Name: More Like You
Fill me Lord, all the way
Touch my heart, Lord, I pray
Cleanse me now and make me pure
Your sacrifice Lord is my cure

I confess my sin to you
I must now give in to you
I long to be more like you
Jesus make me more like you

I am weak. You are strong
Lord I need you all day long
I have sinned I must confess
God I need your Holiness.

Melt the gold. Burn the dross
I refuse to count it loss
Take my life Lord, all the way
All is yours Lord. Here, today
Track Name: Patterns
Soaring eagles tracing patterns in the sky
Lovely patterns are inclined to ossify
Circling raptors only want to break their fast
Foraging the empty tables from the past

Break religious patterns that are leading me to naught
Show me higher pastures, it’s a truth revealed not taught
At your banquet table you will always meet my need
Redirect my footsteps. I am following your lead

In my freedom I can set aside my need
Lifelong habits will relentlessly impede
Soaring eagles need to seek the higher ground
Higher pastures where provision will be found

I am searching there’s brokenness inside
I am empty I have needs I cannot hide
I am hungry for the courage to be free
I am asking for your love to cover me
Track Name: Worship the Lord (Psalm 148)
Stars are burning in the blackness
Shining with the glory
Singing sonnets of creation
Shouting out their story
Crying out his story
Worship, worship the Lord

Can you see the song resplendent
Can you hear the music
Blazing in a billion movements
Passionately lyric
Just the way Jah made it
Worship, worship the Lord

His creation sings in silence
Lovely genuflection
Prostrate, I can find that quiet
Bathe in his perfection
Through the resurrection
Worship, worship the Lord

There, I stretch out in the spirit
Much to his enjoyment
Fingers of my faith are reaching
Stretching for his garment
Just to touch his garment
Worship, worship the Lord

Transformation in a moment
Tinctured with his Spirit
I will sing this song forever
There, where I can hear it
Anywhere I hear it
Everywhere I hear it
Fill me with your Spirit
Worship, worship the Lord
Track Name: Good Gifts (Psalm 23)
Splendidly shining your glory upon me
Washing the darkness away
Fingers of Jesus massaging my sorrows
Healing my heart as I pray

Bathing my wounds with your oil of adoption
Touching my heart with your love
You are redeeming the years I have wandered
You are my light from above

You are my master, my savior, redeemer
You are my reason to live
I am adopted, accepted, forgiven
I love the good gifts you give

Painting my life with your truth and your glory
Colors of mercy and grace
Create in me a clean heart full of Jesus
Living with you, face to face

You are my shepherd, I won’t be wanting
You make me lie down to rest my soul
You guide my footsteps it brings you glory
Even though I walk down roads of death
I fear no evil you live within me
Your word will always comfort my heart
You feed me daily with your provision
Right in the face of my enemies
You pour anointing all over me Lord
Goodness and mercy will follow me
I will dwell daily within your presence
I love you Jesus you are my Lord
Track Name: Princess
If only you could see you
Just the way that I do
You would see how lovely
God has made you to me
I can hear the song He
sings for you, His beauty
A daughter of the King
and a Princess in the Promised Land

Sometimes life is difficult
growing up is hard
Sometimes all our dreams are stained
by pain and disregard
You will find your tenderness
arms to hold you tight
My heart reaches out for you
oh you are God’s delight

Life is such a miracle
passing people by
Busy lives that call their names
but never satisfy
You are such a hidden pearl
a mystery profound
And now I thank the Lord for you
the treasure I have found

If only you could see you
Just the way that I do
You would see how lovely
God has made you to me
I can hear the song He
sings for you, His beauty
A daughter of the King
and a Princess in the Promised Land
Track Name: Claudia's Eyes
There's got to be something missing
The potter forgot the clay
The gardener forgot the sunshine
The children forgot to play
You're face has a smile and laughter
You're near me it makes me glad
But something is wrong
It strikes me that Claudia's eyes are sad

You're really illuminated
You're life could be sunshine strong
But where could it be, that candle
That hasn't been lit so long
I wonder if someone hurt you
I wonder what pains you so bad
to snuff you're esteem. I wonder why
Claudia's eyes are sad

I wish I could tell you something
To make it all turn around
But life isn't quite that simple
For music to just be sound
Yet friendship can be a treasure
And love makes our life worthwhile
so I'm going to try my best to get
Claudia's eyes to smile
Oh, can we be friends? I want to get
Claudia's eyes to smile
Track Name: Just Before Dawn
I don’t wanna know if your heart’s not the same
I don’t wanna know, but I need to know
You don’t have to say that you’re feeling the blame
You don’t have to say, ‘cause it starts to show
You have got a scar from your past, such a hurt
You have got a wound, and it hides your heart
You have got a lock on the door of your love
You have got a demon that won’t depart
And it manifests itself every day
And it crushes your convictions almost all the way
Just remember when your feelings are gone,
That the night is darkest just before dawn

There is such a dawn that is covered by night
So much of a dawn that it needs to break
You have such a fire that has lost all its light
It has such a light that it needs to make
Jesus has the power to heal you brand new
He has got the key to unlock all of you
God the Father knows your life beginning to end
and He loves you more than you can comprehend
Yes His power will be in you each day
And He strengthens your convictions in a gentle way
Just remember when your feelings are gone
That the night is darkest just before dawn
Track Name: She Dines Alone
She holds her long, thick braid just like a teddy bear
A soft familiar friend to touch when no one's there
And no one has been there for such a long, long time
She dines alone today, a solitary cyme

She dines alone in silence like a photograph
A headstone in the grass without an epitaph
She dines alone, her eyes filled with a dark despair
Her meal is yet another game of solitaire

She dines alone, as always, all alone
The cold wind whistles through the trees of stone
She dines alone, a heart like shattered glass
She quietly departs, alone, alas

I've always wanted to approach and ask her why
Timidity is such a lousy alibi
Yet still I haven't said a word to comfort her
And so she dines alone, so thoroughly demur

Our world, at once loquacious and yet unconcerned
So many people derelict. A forest burned
So many broken lives cry tears on hearts of stone
When will we start to love the ones who stand, alone
Track Name: Beneath Your Feet
I’ve discovered there’s a love
that goes beyond my understanding
Of a sacrifice that covers all my sin
It’s Jesus who has loved me
it’s Jesus who has saved me
And his spirit now is resident within

My Jehovah
I praise your name forever
Abba Father
you supply my every need
You have loved me
beyond imagination
With your son’s own sacrifice
I have been freed
You are Jesus
I love the way you love me
You are savior
you paid the price for me
You are holy
I worship and adore you
I am humbled on the ground
beneath your feet

My heart was almost broken
My cup was almost empty
The tears of sorrow totally run dry
I finally fell on my knees
and found my Master waiting
His arms of love will always satisfy
Track Name: His Song
The Lord your God is with you every day
He will save you because he’s strong
He will take a great delight in you
He will quiet you with his love and
Rejoice over you with his song

So build yourselves up in your most holy faith
And in the Holy Spirit pray
Draw yourselves near to the heart of God
And wait upon his mercies today
So that you might never go astray

The Lord your God is with you every day
He will take away your penalty
He will gather you in his arms
He has already paid the price
With his love he has set you free
Track Name: Shadow of Your Wing
Take me to the right place
It’s a place within your hand
Seeing only your face
and your voice I’ll understand
When you come to me
and I turn to you
Then my life can be
a holy rendezvous

Father, take me now
as an offering
Yes I want to stay
in the shadow of your wing

Being in the right place
with your Spirit filling me
Soaring through the blue skies
of my own eternity
As you change my heart
with a touch of grace
Then my life will be
a reflection of your face

Keep me in the right place
where the mountains meet the sky
Walking on the water
saying yes instead of why
When you’re holding me
like a covering
Then I’m really free
in the shadow of your wing

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