by Russell Cederberg

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some of the songs that were originally released with this record are now on "Anthology"


released July 18, 1997

Russell Cederberg; guitars, vocals,
Jennifer Schilling; vocals
Dave Sanders; drums, percussion
Dale Sweetland; drums, keyboards
Ted Swenson; bass
Mark Kingen; bass
Scott Baiar; sax
Owen Martin; keyboards


all rights reserved



Russell Cederberg Atlantic Beach, Florida

Russell has been involved in music since he sang his first solo in church at age 5. Russell has been writing songs since the late 60’s and has recorded 5 albums of original music. Russell has played a wide variety of music over the years including bluegrass, rock, folk, classical, jazz and gospel. ... more

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Track Name: My Prayer
I wanna worship you in Spirit
I wanna pray more every day
I wanna know your voice and hear it
I wanna hear you and obey

I wanna read your Holy Word, Lord.
I wanna know and understand
I wanna walk in expectation
You will deliver up this land

My prayer, oh God, is to see your face
My prayer, oh God, is to hear your voice
My prayer, oh God, is to know your will, and
Your will, Oh God, is my sacrifice

I wanna give up all my idols
I wanna shatter all my pride
I wanna press into your Spirit
I wanna stand by Jesus’ side

I wanna hope in what is you, Lord
I wanna walk by faith, alone
I wanna live by your provision
I wanna know you and be known
Track Name: Confession
Broken hearts are at the altar. Broken lives are at the cross
Tears of sorrow, how they suffer. Cries of penitence and loss
Jesus blood has got it covered. Holy Spirit comforts all
God the Father loves you dearly. Don’t deny the Savior’s call

Jesus loves you. Jesus wants you to accept him at His Word
You’re forgiven through your confession
You’ve been chosen, you must call him Lord

You are lost without forgiveness. You’re defeated by the stain
If you reach for God yourself, then all your efforts are in vain
Holy Spirit speaks to your heart. Jesus wants you for His own
Answer now the call in your heart. Trust in Him, in Him alone

Lord restore me to your presence. Cause your face to shine on me
Please return, look down from Heaven. You are my delivery
Let your hand be strong upon me. I will not turn back from you
Please revive me with Your Spirit. I will call your name anew

Jesus loves me. Jesus wants me to accept Him at His word
I’m forgiven through true confession
I’ve been chosen. I will call You Lord
Track Name: Please Brian
Maybe you got more than you bargained for.
Maybe you have more than you know.
Maybe I know something I need to share.
Maybe it would be apropos.
You have found a friend with a heart of gold.
You have got his heart in your hand.
You possess the power to murder cold.
You must try to understand.

Just a little boy in a man's body. An artist with eyes that see.
Sensitive, alone, understood by nobody. Coping alone,
Without a chance to be free.

There were times of misunderstanding then.
There are wounds that cannot be seen.
There are scars inside from a life alone.
Friends so few and far in between.
He needs someone to be consistent now, with
Honorable priorities.
He's the nicest man you will ever know.
He has those things nobody sees.
Track Name: Build Up the Love
We want to purge any spirit of slander
We want to join in your holy love
We want to march into battle together
We want the unity that comes from above
We want to walk in your power of forgiveness
We want to love the way you love us Lord
Right now we bind what would criticize your children
And we desire to be of one accord

Father forgive us, we desire to be true
Holy Spirit, fill us with love
Give us forgiveness for the fault of our brothers
And a heart of compassion, Lord, a tenderness from you

We want to grow into more of your Holiness
We want to know you like never before
Oh Spirit, purge us with heavenly fire
Oh give us more, Lord. We want even more

Break down the walls that have come in between us
Break down the bitterness and hate in our hearts
Oh Jesus, give us your love and compassion
So that today might be a brand new start

Break down our barriers Jesus, build up the love
Break down our critical spirit, build up the love
Tear down our hunger for power, build up the love
Brake down our apathy, Jesus, build up the love
Tear down the spirit of lust, Lord, build up the love
Break down each one of our idols, build up the love
Track Name: More Like You
Fill me Lord, all the way
Touch my heart, Lord, I pray
Cleanse me now and make me pure
Your sacrifice Lord is my cure
I confess my sin to you
I must now give in to you
I long to be more like you
Jesus make me more like you

I am weak. You are strong
Lord I need you all day long
I have sinned I must confess
God I need your Holiness
I confess my sin to you
I must now give in to you
I long to be more like you
Jesus make me more like you

Melt the gold. Burn the dross
I refuse to count it loss
Take my life Lord, all the way
All is Yours Lord. Here, today
I confess my sin to you
I will now give in to you
I long to be more like you
Jesus make me more like you
Track Name: Fairytale
I ran into a fairytale the other day, surprised
Two elven eyes that saw so much, a face so undisguised
She, like a story, crept into my heart without a sound
No warning stab, the lightning flashed
The thunder shook the ground

So many years of hiding, hating, burned so easily
My arms reached out, my heart broke open, eyes began to see
A smile, a wonder love that really could heal all the pain
How could I ever not respond
Why should I just refrain

A pretty face that only fairytales could ever bring
A soft embrace that melted my defense like snow in spring
A firm resolve that humbled all my arrogance and pride
A woman's gentle love that flowed
From wells of strength inside

You've put me on the line my fairy tale, you've made it clear
My life has been so empty up to now, so run by fear
An angel stooped to spend a moment loving just this man
And I, for always, will love you
My angel Lisa Anne
Track Name: Speak Through Me
Speak through me, oh God, keep me out of your way
With your anointing on me, I will have something to say
Burn my sin with flame, touch Your coal to my lips
Purify my heart with your own fingertips
Speak through me, oh God

Live through me, oh God, tell me what I should do
Keep my daily walk illuminated by you
Hide your truth in my heart so I will not sin
I open up my life, invite your Spirit in
Live through me, oh God

Love through me, oh God, make me more like you
With Your heart beating in mine, I can be faithful and true
Break down all my walls so you can use me now
Purify my love as only you know how
Speak through me, Oh God
Track Name: Sad Story
It’s a sad, sad story, maybe one I cannot tell
It’s so close to my condition, rising out of my own hell
It’s a lifelong story, one of bitterness and blame
It’s how our procrastination was our shame

It’s a story of a father and a son
It’s a story of a work that’s left undone
It’s a story of a mother and a child
It’s a broken family still unreconciled

In a lifetime of struggles, many battles have been lost
We have lashed out in our rage without considering the cost
We have closeted our anger, we have buried all our pain
And the damage that resulted was our bane

It’s a story of a father and a son
It’s a story of a work that’s left undone
It’s a story of a mother and a child
It’s a broken family still unreconciled

Now the Lord is with us, and our story is not through
But the prince of darkness has done all that he will do
‘Cause we’ve seen the enemy, and we call on Jesus name
And He’ll heal us and restore us with his flame

It’s a story of a father and a son
It’s a story of a war that will be won
It’s a story of a mother and a child
We’re a family that will be reconciled
It’s a story of the power of Jesus’ name
It’s a story of the victory we claim
With the Holy Spirit’s power when we pray
Yes the victory will be the Lord’s today

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